Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This Monday, after waking up an hour away from school and 20 minutes into class, I conceded defeat on making it there. As I rushed to get my things together, with several items not making it onto my foggy mental checklist and remaining at my parents for the next few days, I began to will myself to appeal to Yahweh for what my opinion should be, and to question the day as to its direction. My will finally overcame came the cerebral sea smoke draining from my eyes and made the connection I was after once I was a few miles down the road. "Success," is what I heard. Well, success I can do! So Monday I was successful. I searched for success, acted as if all things that occurred were a result of success, and succeeded at succeeding. I went to bed that night knowing full well that operation success was a success. I woke up Tuesday morning to the haunting-yet-gentle-to-wake-to sound of the X-files theme song per usual, and before I had even managed to convince my phone to stop playing the magnificent series' leitmotif, I heard, "success." "This cannot be," I admonished myself. "Success was yesterday, so today is likely failure... possibly it's winning or some other close synonym, but surely not success. I think dino-nugs."

     *SPOILER: Tuesday was not about dino-nugs.

It was, in fact, success. Following my self-chastisement for an idea that was not even my own and in fact was a truth I insulted, it became clear to me that the same thing can be true for two days, several days, all days, or a second. As I pondered my ill-informed pontification that had only just occurred, I came to a startling revelation. Well, two revelations: First, I needed to get out of bed as time had proven yet again to have neither the patience nor courtesy to wait for me, despite my proximity to the meaning of life. Second, coming to this understanding of what could be what when and how and where was, to use a familiar noun, a success! So went my day, and I realized that what Yahweh has intended for me this week is to succeed. Not only that, but to see success where everyone else sees failure; to be successful where nobody else can; and most importantly, to succeed at changing my opinion to fit that of His. Tuesday night. Lost my wallet. Success. This morning, cannot go to the gym from lack of wallet. Success. Receiving my exam and learning that my grade was, we'll say, unique. Success. And I assure you, I struggled at many points, but also always came out truly feeling successful! What a better feeling than failure. I have my wallet now, it was on the porch where I ate unimaginably delectable beer brat's that my brother made for us. Poor quality image below, but trust my description, not my phone's camera resolution.

Such exquisite tastiness. Finally, I went on a tour of a Merck branch right near where I work yesterday. During the tour, questions about job opportunities, advice for getting a job as a PhD, etc. were often brought up. What really stuck with me was the awkwardness surrounding the job market for PhD's. It was danced around as if the amount of jobs for PhD's was embarrassing or uncomfortable... and what also really stuck with me was the obvious fact (which I already knew) that having a PhD makes you overqualified for many, many jobs that might otherwise be available to a Masters or B.S. degree. Then when I was eating 'first lunch' today, I saw this in on my floor's message board:

Where others might fail, I will succeed. Feel free to join me if you like, but that's where I'm going. I feel this post has been a success.


  1. i love your attitude, please teach me how to be more like this

  2. You always have the option of succeeding at failing:) but i recommend you keep that as a last resort.

  3. Success at failure is no sort of success at all. I think I'll just not let that be an option ;) and Ali P, it's more simple than you think.

  4. who would have thought my son would be my greatest inspiration?! Oh, YES< Yahweh thought that :) Today - I join you and will look at everything as "success". Thank You Michael!

  5. This is definitely one of your best posts! It gives me hope =)